New year and lots to do

I have just come up with a cunning plan.  Prior to the trustee meetings I have to write a report. This saves time in the actual meeting and allows us to focus on other matters – and there is a lot to do given the ambitious plans for the charity.

So the question is why don’t I write the report to the Friends and let the Trustees have a copy and since we have our own website……….

The next thing for us is a curry night. Anthea came up with this idea when we started to talk about the re-launch and we decided an off-boat event in the bleak mid-winter would be a great idea. A chance to socialise mixed with an opportunity to fund raise. Please make a note of the date 17th March at the Sheesh Mahal in Twickenham (more details in the newsletter and here on the site).

We have started planning a corporate cruise similar to last year. Except not at all like last year. We are trying to schedule two cruises and to base them from Richmond to make it easier for people based in the city to attend. We will be twisting the arms of our Trustees to invite their corporate colleagues. Any big company suggestions would be very welcome. One cruise will take place in June and one in July.

Just live is the winter newsletter. This has the first in what we hope will be a series of articles  about the charity’s clients. No one can say with greater clarity than our clients the benefits they find in coming on board the Venturer.

In the Spring edition (we have already started to plan), we hope to have an article on the client group Lest We Forget, an update from Pete on the start of the season, we are returning to the theme of 25 years of the charity – there was just so much material in our first edition, the details behind the client numbers for 2013/14 and we also want to say a big thank you to the companies who have been supporting the charity for so many years. To those who suggested we would run out of content pretty soon, that doesn’t appear likely.

In the last few days the website has had an update. We also have a lot of admin we want to get sorted in the next month which will then enable us to focus on events and fundraising for the rest of the year. We also have some new technology to play with we undertake a deep technical analysis of.

As always we love to get feedback from Friends so please let us have your ideas, suggestions etc.

Friends Trustee
20 Jan 2014

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